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Completed Carbon Action

Carbon Action

Producing information on field biomass for carbon balance accounting

The main objectives of the project are to develop a method for producing accurate information on field biomass and to use this information and method in agricultural carbon balance accounting, public and private sector climate work, and food production operations.

Official name

Precise biomass information for agricultural carbon budget calculations by combining satellite and field data with ecosystem modelling (BIOHILA)



Persons in charge

Jari Liski (FMI), Iivari Kunttu (HAMK), Ernesto Hartikainen (Biocode Ltd), and Juha Nousiainen (Valio Ltd)


Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), Biocode Oy, Valio Oy


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as part of the ’Catch the carbon’ -programme

The project will create a method for estimating, mapping and modeling field biomass, which is linked to key decision-making and operational accounting applications used for agricultural climate solutions: greenhouse gas inventory and scenario systems, and carbon offsets and food carbon footprint calculators. This method is suitable for field-specific and farm-specific carbon balance calculations and can provide information on the annual growth trend of biomass and carbon balance at the field-level using satellite images.

The BIOHILA project will develop a method for producing accurate information on field biomass by combining satellite- and field measurements and ecosystem modeling (1 and 2), and further to develop ways to utilize this information and method in agricultural carbon balance accounting (3 and 4). The numbers refer to the project work packages; fifth work package is responsible for communication and interaction. Figure: Jari Lisk

The BIOHILA project is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s ‘Catch the Carbon’ -programme launched in spring 2020, which creates knowledge on climate-sustainable solutions for forestry and agriculture and aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as enhance carbon sinks and reservoirs.


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