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E-course: Renew your understanding of farming

In Progress Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Information about regenerative farming for decision-makers, company representatives and consumers

The aim of the project is to provide science-based information to the use for decision-makers, companies and consumers so they can create financial incentives and use other means to bring about systematic change.  

Official name

Regenerative farming e-course for decision-makers, company representatives and consumers



Persons in charge

Nicholas Wardi


Baltic Sea Action Group


Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

E-course for sustainable food production

BSAG is producing an online course on regenerative agriculture for policy makers in society, especially in food system companies, aimed at providing information in an easy-to-understand format on how to produce food more sustainably. The new online course, which is free of charge and takes about two hours to complete, will help people to understand how we can use food production to address the major challenges of our time – climate change, water eutrophication and biodiversity loss – and to improve farmers’ livelihoods and food security in societies. With this knowledge, the participant will be able to make decisions that support the scaling up of regenerative agriculture in the workplace.

The course is produced in three language versions: Finnish, Swedish and English.

The project’s second phase is to create a partnership model to scale the project internationally. The model is used to expand the course in countries with the most potential impact and feasibility.


Julia Kajas

Planner, Regenerative Agriculture and Communications

+358 40 665 4844

Irina Niinivaara

Corporate Relations Manager

+358 40 664 1625


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