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In Progress Carbon Action

Carbon Action

The project helps the food industry monitor and minimize their climate impacts

The goal of the From Footprints to Digital Handprints -Co-Innovation project, funded by Business Finland, is to promote the development of a responsible food production ecosystem in Finland, which is seen as one of the most important competitive factors in the food industry.

Official name

From Footprints to Digital Handprints – Carbon and greenhouse gas budget of agriculture



Persons in charge

Ulf Jahnsson, HKScan


Business Finland, Food from Finland 2.0 -program (Co-Innovation)

Towards smaller climate impacts with science and digital technology

Climate impacts are an essential part of the food industry’s environmental footprint and overall sustainability. Agriculture causes the majority of these climate impacts among the value chain components.

This project’s primary goal is to develop and pilot a prototype digital solution of agriculture’s carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) budget for the Finnish food sector and link this solution to decision support systems: life-cycle analyses, carbon footprint estimates, and GHG inventory systems.

To reach this goal, we

i) collect and complement the knowledge, data, and models of field-specific carbon and GHG budget estimation

ii) develop a methodology to address and reduce uncertainty about the carbon and GHG budget estimation

iii) build this knowledge into a prototype digital solution

iv) pilot the digital solution

v) integrate it to food sector’s decision support systems.

These results will help the food industry monitor its current climate impact, plan efficient improvement strategies, and report the advances.


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