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Research information to different actors in the food system

In Progress Carbon Action Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture, Carbon Action

More effective cooperation with farmers and companies

The project continues to strengthen the BSAG´s work with the farmers and companies; and it is strongly connected with other work of the Carbon Action platform. It builds open interaction and constructive dialogue between different groups.

Official name

Strengthening BSAG´s company and farmer cooperation



Persons in charge

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt,


Baltic Sea Action Group


Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

New information and action through joint development

In the project concise and practical fact-based information about regenerative farming is produced for the farmers. In addition, companies need information on the principles of carbon farming; allowing, for example, including them in the companies’ sourcing criteria and developing new, even carbon neutral, products. Furthermore, companies must be encouraged to educate their contract farmers and to produce information for the consumers.

The information produced will be delivered to the farmers and companies in the form of trainings, advisory work, meetings, demonstrations, articles as well as other types of communication. Furthermore, the project aims to build open communication and constructive dialogue between the different actors, such as decision-makers, farmers, researchers, and companies. Consequently, the actors will acquire better understanding of what is needed from each of them to achieve change. Additionally, colliding the different actors and co-development brings new points of view; as the amount of information grows, sustainable treatment of the soil and carbon farming will become increasingly more commonplace.



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