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A barley field in the Baltic Sea's catchment area

Sustainable agriculture

Agriculture affects both the Baltic Sea and climate. Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and storing it into soil mitigates climate change. Improving soil health and sustainable nutrient cycling reduces emissions to the water system. BSAG works in collaboration with farmers, i.a. in the Carbon Action platform.

A lighthouse in the Baltic Sea

Maritime traffic

The Baltic Sea is one of the busiest maritime places on earth. Despite stricter regulations, thousands of tons of nutrients are discharged in the sea through grey waters and food waste. These emissions can be mitigated through constructive cooperation with the industry.

Bladder wrack in the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Marine biodiversity

The Baltic Sea is home to a diverse array of species, which makes the ecosystem more resilient against changes in the environment. However, these changes also threaten the species richness. Concrete action is needed to protect the sea’s biodiversity.

Commitment bank

A Commitment is an act or a process with a positive impact on the Baltic Sea.
We analyse the problems and find relevant organisations to help fix them.

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