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eQ Asset Management makes a sixfold increase in the funding that eQ Blue Planet BSAG provides for Baltic Sea action.

Meren pinnan alta näkyy aalto ja kalliopohja missä kasvaa rihmalevää ja rakkohaurua.

eQ Asset Management and Blue Planet – significant support from investors

The eQ Blue Planet Fund’s BSAG series is a special fund that enables people to participate in BSAG’s Baltic Sea action while investing.

The fund’s standard management fee is 1.50% per annum. Investors who choose the BSAG fund series will pay 0.25% more, that is, a management fee of 1.75% per annum. The 0.25% difference is paid to BSAG for its Baltic Sea action. eQ itself pays BSAG an additional 1.25% per year, which increases investor support sixfold.

The support acquired from investors via eQ Asset Management and Blue Planet accounts for a significant portion of the funds raised by BSAG – almost EUR 160,000 in 2021. Collaboration began in 2018.

A fund for sustainable development

eQ Blue Planet Fund invests in companies whose business operations extensively promote the realisation of sustainable development. The fund invests in sustainable development forerunners in the technology sector, industry, the consumer goods sector and other selected industries.

Regenerative agriculture, the green transition in energy economics, and supply chains for sustainable consumption are all strongly represented in the fund. The fund also invests in technology with the aim of creating a smarter and more sustainable planet. The objectives of the eQ Blue Planet Fund are therefore in line with those of BSAG. 

Out of all the funds in eQ’s broad range, eQ Blue Planet is an ideal fit for BSAG’s corporate collaboration.

Mikko Koskimies, Managing Director, eQ Plc and eQ Asset Management Ltd


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Corporate Relations Manager

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