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Gofore continues its Baltic Sea commitment

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Gofore provides BSAG with a Baltic Sea commitment 2024-2026. In this commitment, Gofore offers its expertise in data-driven technologies. The aim is to accelerate the work of the Carbon Action platform in the transition towards regenerative agriculture.




Commitment made in 2024



Gofore is an international digital transformation consultancy.

Gofore provides Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) with a Baltic Sea Commitment for the period 2024-2026. In its Commitment, Gofore focuses on providing its expertise and work to achieve BSAG’s key objectives in the transition towards regenerative agriculture. With this commitment, Gofore continues collaborating on the Carbon Action platform managed by BSAG. 


The possibilities of digitization should be utilised to a much greater extent in solving the challenges of sustainable development.



Gofore will support the development of a user-friendly management system for regenerative farming with its service design and digitalisation expertise and provide BSAG with the following: 

a) A proof-of-concept (PoC) digital application in collaboration with BSAG and selected farmers as part of the UUDIS project.

b) A work plan to develop the PoC application into a finished product.


Gofore will provide data-related expertise and support to BSAG’s Carbon Action platform in the food system’s transition towards regenerative farming and, for example:

a) Act as an agridata-related data economy interpreter for BSAG in separately agreed contexts, such as the organisation of a seminar on the topic 

b) Actively participate in networks promoting regenerative agriculture, such as the Digi4CSA project led by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and support the organizations and communities within these networks in how digital technologies can be used to transform the food chain into a sustainable and regenerative one.


Gofore will continue to work with BSAG on a pro bono basis, offering its expertise on various digitalisation-related projects according to BSAG’s current needs.

Food production is at the very edge of life’s basic necessities, which is why the work we do for it feels particularly meaningful to me and many other Gofore people.

Kristiina Härkönen, Director of Sustainable Development, Gofore

With this commitment, Gofore will continue to be part of the Carbon Action platform’s network of companies, which enables food chain actors to collaborate and develop their activities to promote regenerative agriculture. In addition, Gofore commits to promote the Carbon Action platform in its own communications. 

The commitment will last threeyears, and its progress will be reviewed with BSAG on an annual basis. 

Gofore encourages BSAG to apply for funding for its Baltic Sea work from the Gofore Impact Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to support sustainable development through digitalisation and, where possible, supports BSAG’s work through financial donations. 


Tanya Santalahti

Senior Specialist, Corporate Relations; Regenerative Agriculture

+358 50 550 3240