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Corporate Donation

The internationally renowned management consulting company Bain & Company clarified BSAG’s corporate collaboration concept. 

Baltic Sea Action Groupin ja Bainin edustajat istuvat pitkän pöydän ääressä kuuntelemassa Michaelan puheenvuoroa.
BSAG and Bain & Company sat down together to develop a corporate collaboration concept.

Pro bono expertise for the Baltic Sea

The collaboration project with Bain in 2020 was pro bono at its best. Bain placed its extensive network, profound expertise and lengthy experience at BSAG’s disposal. The end result has been very valuable and beneficial for the foundation. 

A strong team developing the concept 

BSAG chose developing and clarifying its corporate collaboration concept as the focus of its cooperation with Bain. This was a topical issue for BSAG, who needed an external partner to spar with.

Bain resourced the project with a strong team that worked intensively and enthusiastically for several weeks. A variety of background studies, surveys and interviews provided plenty of useful material for developing BSAG’s corporate collaboration.  Information was processed together during workshops and discussions – and a huge number of new ideas were born in this enthusiastic team. 

External sparring is valuable 

To ensure business continuity, every organisation must constantly improve what it does. But this isn’t always something you can do on your own – sometimes an external pair of eyes is required. However, as an organisation that runs on donations and project funding, BSAG does not have the means to purchase external consulting services.

This carefully selected and customised pro bono partnership was therefore an excellent way to help BSAG help the Baltic Sea. It led to an updated model for BSAG’s corporate collaboration, targets and activities. 

Collaboration results

10 weeks of work

7 international experts interviewed

35 partners interviewed

A benchmark of 5 leading environmental organisations


This kind of collaboration is really important to Bain. In part because we want to play our part in helping both society and the environment, and in part due to our employees’ personal desire and enthusiasm. Our way of working together is to place Bain’s expertise at the disposal of innovative partners like BSAG, who make a genuine impact.

Jani Kelloniemi, Partner, Bain & Company