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Baltic Sea Commitment, Royalty, Corporate Donation, Carbon Action

Berner, which is known for both its domestic and international brands, promotes regenerative farming by developing products to improve soil health.   

The internationally renowned Finnish family business Berner is committed to exploring and developing opportunities for nutrient recycling on a broader scale, in order to promote the sustainable development of both home gardening and agriculture.

A family business committed to promoting sustainable development

Berner started collaborating with BSAG in 2017. The company is committed to promoting sustainable development, minimising environmental impacts, and developing new environmentally friendly products and services.

Berner has made two Baltic Sea Commitments: the first focused on nutrient recycling and the second on promoting regenerative farming.

First commitment leads to recycled nutrients under own brand

Berner’s first Baltic Sea Commitment focused on the sustainable recycling of nutrients. As part of its commitment, Berner launched GreenCare Environmental Friend garden fertilizer in collaboration with BSAG.

The manufacturing chain for this garden fertilizer – from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product – is as environmentally friendly as possible. Berner donates part of the proceeds from each sale of Environmental Friend products to BSAG’s Baltic Sea action.

Berner will continue to develop new recycled nutrient products.  

Second commitment uses new data in R&D  

In its second Baltic Sea Commitment, Berner promised to spread the word about regenerative farming both internally and to its stakeholders.

Berner’s goal is to increase the competence of its own personnel in areas related to carbon sequestration and improving soil health.

Berner will also use new data to develop its Farmer’s Berner product portfolio, so as to better support farming methods that promote soil health and carbon sequestration.  

It’s great that the Carbon Action platform provides us with an opportunity to deepen our collaboration with BSAG. As an expert and leading operator in the Finnish agricultural trade, we’re also well positioned to increase awareness and expertise related to carbon farming.

Kalle Erkkola, Director, Farmer’s Berner at Berner Finland