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A common agricultural soil test measures legacy phosphorus accumulated in drainage ditches

Regenerative Agriculture Scientific Article

Article: A common agricultural soil test can identify legacy P hotspots in a drainage ditch network

Authors: Mattila, Tuomas & Ezzati, Golnaz

Publication: Journal of Environmental Management

Year: 2021

Legacy phosphorus refers to the accumulated phosphorus in excess to soil phosphorus storage capacity. When there is more phosphorus than the soil can store, phosphorus is prone to leaching. Commonly used Mehlich-3 soil test can identify phosphorus saturation and legacy phosphorus. In this study, previously published data based on samples taken from sediments of drainage ditch bankside soils, was re-analysed. According to the results, the cost effective Mehlich-3 soil test is an appropriate tool for locating the hotspots with most susceptible soil phosphorus to losses in the ditch network.

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