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A Commitment brings aerial photography to help the Baltic Sea

Aerial photography company 110th Street Productions has made a Commitment to act for the Baltic Sea. 110th Street production gives aerial photos and video materials free of charge to the Baltic Sea Action Group image bank. The company also commits to using their expertise to document the different seasons at a valuable Baltic Sea site, chosen together with BSAG.

During the past summer, the 110th Street Productions made a large number of photographs and videos of the Baltic Sea and the Archipelago Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. So the beginning of the year was an appropriate time to initiate cooperation and to donate materials to BSAG.

All the pictures and videos are freshly produced during the summer of 2016.

– We are excited about this opportunity. Rescuing the Baltic Sea is urgent, and we want to develop our cooperation and promote the well-being of the Baltic Sea, say Mika Lehtinen and Janne Nikkarila from 110th Street Productions.

110th Street commits to document one valuable Baltic Sea spot in different seasons.

– This is a powerful way to show how the sea to changes and what is the ecological status of that specific area.  A different perspective to a familiar landscape can inspire people to help the sea, comments BSAG General Mathias Bergman.

– In an ideal situation, the place documented should be selected so, that it supports the official research and monitoring of the environment, Bergman says.

The commitment is valid until the end of 2019.​

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