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A new lead duo at the helm of BSAG from the 1st of March


Content Director Laura Höijer, will take on the role of Managing Director of the foundation on March 1. Laura Höijer will form a leadership pair with Pieta Jarva, BSAG’s long-time Communications Director. Jarva starts as BSAG’s Strategy Director. A new Communications Director is currently being recruited.

Managing Director Laura Höijer (right) and Strategy Director Pieta Jarva (left).

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt acted as BSAG’s Managing Director for three years. Ramm-Schmidt resigned on her own initiative to be able to reduce her working hours. She will work part-time for the foundation as a leading expert.

“I’m glad all three of us continue working together. Our roles will change a little bit and we are rotating our tasks. The change feels quite natural. Communication is at the heart of BSAG’s work, and I have been involved in strategic discussions for a long time now,” says Pieta Jarva.

“At BSAG, we want to show in practice, that change is possible. Whether it is happening out on a field, in the waste management of cargo ships, or legislation. I always emphasize that skillful communication enables not only the success of our actions but also their scaling. However, our actions must always be strongly rooted in scientific research. Laura has a solid background in research, and it fits us very well. She knows the right questions for every given situation,” Jarva rejoices.

“The foundation employs top-level professionals from different fields. We can rely on each other’s skills, and if necessary, we ask for help from the experts in our network. Our tight-knit stakeholder collaboration spans from researchers, business representatives to farmers and generates valuable insights daily. It is fascinating to see how there are links in every corner of our society that can help save the Baltic Sea and curb the loss of biodiversity and climate change,” Laura Höijer continues.

Michaela Ramm-Schmidt will continue in the line of corporate responsibility through her own company. “I feel that I still have a lot to offer BSAG’s business cooperation. At the same time, I want to advance the skills I acquired in BSAG through my own company. It is fantastic that I can continue working part-time for the foundation, and at the same time be sure that the foundation is in excellent hands,” says Ramm-Schmidt.

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