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Arctia Shipping´s commitment improves oil recovery readiness in the Bay of Bothnia

Last year Finnish icebreaker fleet owner and operator, Arctia Shipping Ltd made a commitment to Baltic Sea Action Group to improve its oil recovery readiness in the Bay of Bothnia. As a part of the Commitment, Arctia Shipping has taken oil recovery capability into account in its new port icebreaker design and capabilities. The new port icebreaker starts working this winter, improving the oil recovery readiness in the Bay of Bothnia.
Traffic in the Northern ports of Finland is estimated to increase in the near future. Increased traffic volumes leads to increasing risk of accidents. Arctia Shipping responses to the estimated growth of traffic volume by equipping the new port icebreaker christened as Ahto, with the latest oil recovery technology.​
Risk of oil spills are a serious threat for the fragile ecosystem of the northern Baltic Sea. Therefore it is essential to ensure that any crises that may occur will cause minimum damage to the environment.
Arctia Shipping´s new icebreaker was introduced in the launching ceremony held in Uusikaupunki in August and the vessel will be centred on harbours of Kemi and Tornio.
“Ah​to will markedly improve the safety and smoothness of winter navigation in the Bay of Bothnia. The new vessel is particularly cost-efficient since it can be used in the entrance channels at the beginning and end of the icebreaking season, in addition to the port area. We are also pleased that the new vessel increases oil recovery capacity on the northernmost seas,” says Tero Vauraste, CEO of Arctia Shipping.​​

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