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Baltic Sea campaign for schools has started

Baltic Sea Action Group challenges schools to raise funds for the Baltic Sea. Jasper Pääkkönen, known as Viking’s actor, a fisherman and a friend of the Baltic Sea, helps in gaining attention to the campaign. In a fundraiser (paivatyokerays) pupils work at a job or e.g. do household chores for one day and raise funds for improving the state of the Baltic Sea. Check out Jasper’s video (in Finnish) here.

A number of schools will also organize a Baltic Sea Day, or other Baltic Sea related activity at schools to learn about the Baltic Sea and the problems it faces. The Baltic Sea day was held last year at for example Laurinkylä school in Lievestuore where the organizing biology students also blogged and published their teaching material online for anyone interested.

A mobile game on nutrient cycling is also published to complement the fundraiser.  In the Baltic Sea Action Gamethe player controls phosphorus and nitrogen balls and keeps them circulating in an orbit. If nutrients end up in the sea they worsen its status. Player of the game becomes familiar with the various issues related to the Baltic Sea and the nutrient cycle. The game is already available for download free of charge from Apple and Android  app stores with the title “Baltic Sea Action Game”.

Participating schools receive instructions/materials and get some teaching materials (in Finnish/Swedish). Sign in for “paivatyokerays” / Baltic Sea day here or you can call Katriina Kytölä (+358 503668412)

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