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Bore challenges its personnel to protect the Baltic Sea by exercising

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Finnish shipping company Bore’s initiative finds a new way to combine the wellbeing of its personnel and the wellbeing of the environment. For every minute participants in this year’s BoreFit competition spend exercising, one cent will be donated to the Baltic Sea Action Group’s work in the Baltic.

Picture: Bore / Petro Silvennoinen

Bore is piloting its personnel towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. The BoreFit competition encourages participants to exercise, boost the healthiness of their lifestyles and help the environment. At the heart of the competition is the idea that our actions impact nature and that, in turn, healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles positively affect our health.

In addition to wellbeing at work, Bore also highlights the importance of environmental friendliness and new innovations in transport solutions. The shipping company aims to reduce the negative environmental impact of shipping and find new, more environmentally friendly solutions, such as optimised hull, propulsion and cargo handling features on new vessels.

With BSAG’s Ship Waste Action initiative, the quantities of wastewater left in ports by Bore cargo ships have increased significantly over the past few years. The company’s new vessels Bore Way, Bore Wave and Bore Wind all offload their wastewater in port, and the company is also investigating new ways of making use of biogas.

Ihmiset kävelemässä hiekkatiellä saaristokylässä

Every minute spent on wellbeing is also a minute spent on the environment

Bore’s ambitious goal is to achieve a total of one million exercise minutes in 2023, which would lead to a donation of EUR 10,000 to BSAG. This would represent the best result achieved in the five-year history of the BoreFit competition.

Bore has offices on the shore of the Baltic Sea in Helsinki and Mariehamn, as well as several vessels that operate in the Baltic. This is why the shipping company wants to support BSAG’s efforts to materially help the Baltic. BSAG is a foundation run on donations and project funding, and Bore’s donations are important in helping ensure its continuity.

“We are very excited about the concept of the BoreFit competition. BSAG’s operations also highlight the connection between the wellbeing of people and the wellbeing of the environment – two things that are inseparable from each other. We hope that the example set by Bore inspires other organisations to engage their personnel and take collective action for the good of the Baltic Sea”, says BSAG’s Corporate Relations Manager Irina Niinivaara.


Elina Ranta

Fundraising Manager

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