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BSAG’s “Let’s throw a gift to the Baltic Sea” -campaign exceeded all the expectations

Baltic Sea Action Group’s campaign “Let’s throw a gift to the Baltic Sea” exceeded all the expectations. The fundraising produced 135 000 euros to BSAG’s Baltic Sea work. The result doubled compared to last year.
Over one hundred companies decided to support BSAG’s Baltic Sea work by making a Christmas donation. By donating the companies can implement corporate responsibility and at the same time remember their clients and partners at Christmas season.
“It has been a great pleasure to notice that different companies consider BSAG’s work to revive the ecological condition of the Baltic Sea important. We thank all the donors which help our work for the Baltic Sea”, says BSAG’s Secretary General Mathias Bergman.
The collected funds are used to reduce eutrophication, minimize toxic waste from ending up in the sea and contribute to safe maritime activities. The Christmas campaign will be continue also in year 2013.
“We encourage companies to participate in also in year 2013. Let’s throw a lot of gifts to the Baltic Sea so that we can give a cleaner Baltic Sea for the next generation”, Bergman states.
BSAG warmly thanks all the donors. Find the companies made a donation in year 2012 here.​

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