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Commitment by Abillion prevents mineral growth and biofilm without chemicals

Abillion is a cleantech company which provides solutions and services for industrial processes and maritime use.
Abillion has made a Commitment to improve its new innovative solution, Harsonic which is based on ultra sound waves.
Abillion’s novel method prevents growth of organic and mineral particles on various surfaces and pipes without chemicals. Biofilm like algae and microbes alike inorganic scales are usually removed from surfaces with chemicals. Innovation by Abillion enables to prevent their growth by processing surfaces with ultra sound waves. This would for example, improve energy efficiency in maritime transport and reduce use of hazardous chemicals which would benefit the Baltic Sea.
Abillion commits to provide planning and consulting services free of charge for a selected partner in order to launch a pilot for the first Harsonic system. The pilot will be implemented on board a large ship in the Baltic Sea.
Commitment also includes a study conducted with relevant associates which will focus on ultrasonic technology based possibilities to recover phosphorus from sewage waters.

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