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Hanko <3 Baltic Sea

In the fresh Baltic Sea Commitment the Hanko Tourist Office commits to raise funds for building up a wetland in Täktomlahti area. Täktomlahti has suffered from nutrient leakages and the new wetland would provide help to the situation.

Hanko also develops its Garden week –event to take into account nutrient cycling and continues and develops beach clean-up events together with e.g. schools, city employees and local residents. The city also prepares “Baltic Sea Code of Conduct”, Baltic Sea instructions for event organizers. A Baltic Sea Hackathon is organized to find solutions to problems like food waste.

The tourist office gathers an information package of state and protection of the Baltic Sea, especially to the use of local travel organizers. Good practices will be shared with other municipal and other actors.

In addition, Hanko develops its’ leisure boating port’s waste and septic tank infrastructure together with other actors. The Tourist Office also follows Baltic Sea works’ results with surveys.

With the new 3 year Commitment Hanko’s Baltic Sea work continues even more active than before.

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