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Newest Baltic Sea Commitments studied in a report

BSAG’s newest Commitment Overview Report is now published. The report includes Baltic Sea Commitments made between January 2015 and January 2018. Altogether the report covers 30 Commitments. The report examines the types of Commitment making organizations, and the Commitments’ focus areas. Possible future trends in the Commitments are also explored.

Majority of the Commitments are made by organizations in the private sector, although some Commitments are also from the public sector. Most Commitments are focused on mitigating eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, and nutrients and nutrient cycling are mentioned often. This may be due to BSAG’s work on the nutrient cycling front, as well as Finland’s efforts to support procedures related to nutrient recovery and reuse.

The report can be read from the link below:

Commitment Overview Report 2015-2018

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