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Nordkalk’s Commitment completed successfully

In 2012, Nordkalk embarked on its journey to help out the Baltic Sea by signing a 5-year-long Commitment with BSAG.  The main goal of the Commitment was to reduce the phosphorus burden on the Baltic Sea by using Nordkalk’s FOSTOP concept.


Nordkalk’s FOSTOP concept tackles the challenge of phosphorous runoff. FOSTOP is used for the structure liming of fields, the stabilization of sludge, and for lime filters and drains that help to reduce leakage and contribute to the recycling of phosphorus. Actions to reduce phosphorus leakages and to enable phosphorus re-use are extremely important because phosphorus is irreplaceable in food production and its reserves are depleting.

In the Commitment Nordkalk created FOSTOP concepts tailored for Finland and Sweden, and it also began a search for suitable test areas. In Sweden, the test results for structural liming were promising. Liming improved the structure of the soil, and phosphorus leakages decreased.

Due to bad weather conditions, structural liming could not be tested in Finland. However, the structure-liming product was introduced to the Finnish market in 2015, and interest towards the product has been growing. FOSTOP filters were tested in Finland during 2013 and 2014 with promising results. A significant reduction of phosphorous was observed in the tests.

“The concept and the tests related to FOSTOP have attracted a lot of interest. Even though Nordkalk’s Commitment will come to an end, the work will continue. ” Jan Drugge, Nordkalk’s Sales Manager said.

In addition to the genuinely important content of its Commitment, Nordkalk has made an annual donation of € 20,000 to BSAG. The donation has played a significant role in supporting the continuity of BSAG’s work.​​

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