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SPI meeting in Moscow: Krasny Bor to be shut down

​​BSAG participated n St. Petersburg Initiative meeting in Moscow 24.- 25. March at the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Promising news were heard on the first day. The Director of International Co-operation Department at the Ministry, Nuritdin Inamov announced that the ministry has asked the national court of law to prepare a declaration that Krasny Bor hazardous waste landfill has to be shut down.

Prime Minister Medvedev promised at the St. Petersburg Baltic Sea Forum in 2013 that an appropriate hazardous waste water treatment plant will be built to enable the closing of the Krasny Bor landfill.

Alongside others, BSAG has continued bringing up the question of Krasny Bor and now welcomes the new efforts to replace the landfill by appropriate treatment plant. BSAG will continue following the development of the case.

The problems of the Krasny Bor landfill have been cumulating since the 1970’s. Several attempts have been made to close the landfill and replace it with an appropriate hazardous waste treatment plant. Krasny bor is located in the drainage basin of Neva river, which is also a source of the drinking water for the city of St.Petersburg. The continuous leakages pose a threat to the citizens of St. Petersburg and to the Baltic Sea. HELCOM has identified Krasny Bor as a one of the “hot-spots”.

SPI also presses for the solving of the situation with another hot-spot, the deployment of the Kalingrad wastewater treatemet plant.

The SPI meeting was held with the support of the Royal Danish Consulate and the ambassador of Denmark. Several representatives of Danish companies were present acknowledging the SPI initiative as a good platform for finding business opportunities and co-operation possibilities.

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