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EOLUS – Minimising the Impact of Offshore Wind Projects on Marine Nature

Baltic Sea Commitment, Corporate Donation, Ship Waste Action 

Nordic renewable energy developer Eolus aims to identify and minimise the impact of offshore wind power on the underwater nature of the Baltic Sea.

Research on environmental impacts of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea

Protecting biodiversity is particularly important for the Baltic Sea, where a rich diversity of species and habitats helps the sea to cope with climate change and eutrophication.

Experience with offshore wind power in the Baltic Sea environment is still scarce, so research is needed to understand and reduce the environmental impacts. As part of its Baltic Sea Commitment, Eolus, together with BSAG, organises a workshop for Baltic Sea experts and researchers. The results of this workshop will help the company to identify the most significant impacts on marine nature.

Eolus will also launch a grant to support research on environmental impacts of offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea.

Eolus’s Baltic Sea Commitment is valid for three years, and during the commitment period Eolus and BSAG will monitor the implementation of the objectives and refine the content. The implementation of the Commitment will be an important learning process for both Eolus and the expert organisations involved in the sustainability work.

To identify and prevent cumulative impacts, joint reflection on the sustainable use of marine areas is needed both within and across sectors. There is a need for harmonised guidelines and requirements for impact assessment by public authorities. In addition, transnational cooperation is needed, for example in HELCOM, to cover the entire marine environment of the Baltic Sea region

Anu Vaahtera, Project Manager, Eolus


Anna Klemelä

Project Manager, Marine Biodiversity; Communications Specialist

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