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Gasum – Circular economy of nutrients and energy for the benefit of the Baltic Sea

Ship Waste Action, Baltic Sea Commitment, Corporate donation

Gasum produces fuel for ships from cargo vessel wastewater.

Biogas from ship-generated waste

In its Baltic Sea Commitment, Gasum utilises cargo ship wastewater and biowaste in biogas production. Liquified biogas can then be transported to the ships and used as fuel. In utilizing ship-generated wastewater, the aim is to help maritime traffic operate according to circular economy principles.

New recycled nutrients for agriculture and industry

Gasum develops recycled nutrients for industrial process needs and agriculture. Gasum produces biogas from sewage sludge and further refines nutrients from the digestate. With this concept, Gasum promotes nutrient recycling and mitigates the risk of nutrient runoffs into the waterbodies and, finally, the Baltic Sea.

Gasum is the leading actor in the Nordic liquified natural gas market and the leading energy company in the Finnish gas sector. Circular economy and mitigating climate change are parts of Gasum’s sustainability program.

BSAG’s collaboration with Gasum started in 2017 and included a significant donation to BSAG’s Baltic Sea action.

For us, the Ship Waste Action initiative is an excellent opportunity to promote circular economy solutions and to work for the good of the Baltic Sea. Cooperation with other actors is vital to discharge ship-generated waste into a port for reuse.

Elina Saarivuori, Head of Sustainability, Gasum