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Leijona Catering – soil health as part of long-term food security

Corporate Donation, Carbon Action, Baltic Sea Commitment

Leijona Catering strengthens long-term food security by promoting regenerative farming with its procurement.

Environmental sustainability and food security go hand in hand

Leijona Catering knows, that soil health is a part of domestic food security. Resiliens in food production, mitigating climate change and improving biodiversity are essential for the company. Leijona Catering solves these problems by promoting regenerative farming.

Collaboration with suppliers in focus

In its Baltic Sea Commitment, Leijona Catering focuses on ingredient choises, developing menus and setting product specifications together with its suppliers. As transparency and verification of regenerative methods develops, the company aims at widening the share of regeneratively farmed food in its menus.

Aiming at a strong and secure domestic food chain in changing climate

Leijona Catering serves security-critical institutions and operations like the Finnish Defence Forces and state governance. In changing climate conditions and losing biodiversity, Leijona Catering’s strategic focus points are a strong domestic food chain and long-term food security.

Leijona Catering Oy is a food and catering company, which is owned by the Finnish state. The company’s most important sustainability goas are minimizing food loss and carbon food print per meal.

Collaboration started in 2021, and it includes a significant donation to BSAG’s work for the Baltic Sea.

Yhteistyö alkoi vuonna 2021 ja se pitää sisällään myös merkittävän lahjoituksen BSAG:n Itämeri-työhön.

For our clients, long-term food security and domestic food chain are essential values. We think that development work within Carbon Action serves the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea as well as future success in the Finnish food chain and our client’s special targets.

Ritva Paavonsalo, CEO, Leijona Catering Oy