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SEB — long-term visibility for saving the Baltic Sea

Corporate Donation

SEB bank offers a wonderful setting for BSAG events and visibility for campaigns promoting the saving of the Baltic Sea.

Aurinko laksee Konungskärillä

Future generations in focus

SEB aims at cooperation which has a positive impact on our society and the world. SEB is committed to supporting initiatives that drive both sustainability and entrepreneurship. One focus is climate work, the importance of which BSAG also emphasizes in solving intertwined environmental problems.

10 years of cooperation for the benefit of the Baltic Sea

SEB offers the premises of its head office for the use of BSAG events. The studio and the studio team also enable the implementation of virtual and hybrid events. In addition, SEB offers versatile visibility for campaigns that promote the continuity of work in the Baltic Sea.The cooperation between

SEB and BSAG already started at the foundation’s beginning, when SEB offered the premises for the meeting that followed the Baltic Sea Action Summit in 2011.


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