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A statement by companies in the finnish food industry: regenerative agriculture should also be promoted by political decision making

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Companies are working extensively to promote regenerative farming in domestic food production. However, a comprehensive change also requires political efforts. Carbon Action corporate partners are calling for concrete measures from policymakers to promote regenerative agriculture throughout the food system.

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Food companies support comprehensive measures to promote a more sustainable food system, to increase Finland’s security of supply and the profitability of agriculture, and to reduce the environmental impact of food production. Regenerative farming offers concrete solutions for the transition, both on the farm level and the entire food system.

The companies now stress the need for practical measures in their joint statement. Regenerative farming methods must be introduced into domestic agriculture as quickly as possible. These measures will benefit the environment, farmers, society, the Baltic Sea, and other bodies of water.

Regenerative farming as a solution to food production challenges 

Businesses stress the importance of an action programme for regenerative agriculture and soil health that extends across parliamentary terms and different sectors. These measures should be included in the next government programme to support the widespread adoption of regenerative farming on farms. The action programme also promotes research, guidance, training, and a comprehensive shift toward regenerative agriculture. The political decision-making process must also ensure adequate financing for implementing the action programme.

In Carbon Action, established by the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG), food companies are building a more sustainable food system in collaboration with farmers, scientists, and others involved in the food chain. The Finnish Meteorological Institute coordinates Carbon Action’s extensive research. Verifying the impact of regenerative agriculture is a vital part of the research.

The companies Anora, Apetit, Atria, Berner, Biocode, Dava Foods, Fazer, Gofore, Hankkija, Nestlé, Sinebrychoff, S Group, and Valio are committed to implementing regenerative agriculture in their operations. In addition to corporate action, regulatory policy is needed to guide a comprehensive transition to regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative farming is a form of farming that, in addition to crop levels, improves soil health and the environment’s well-being in connection with food production. At the same time, it sequesters carbon in the soil, which combats climate change, curbs discharge in waterways and prevents biodiversity loss. 

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Pieta Jarva 
Strategy Director, BSAG 
+358 50 338 1096, 
Irina Niinivaara 
Corporate Relations Manager, BSAG 
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Pieta Jarva

Strategy Director

+358 50 338 1096

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