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A sustainable food system the goal of Berner’s commitment

In Progress Eutrophication


At the core of Berner’s Baltic Sea Commitment is learning and communicating about improving soil health and carbon sequestration. Berner also joins the Carbon Action business platform. The commitment is a continuation of the cooperation that started in 2017.




Commitment made in 2020



Berner’s Baltic Sea commitment focuses on learning and communicating about soil improvement and carbon sequestration and utilising this information in Berner’s product- and service development. The goal is to promote a sustainable food system. The commitment is linked to the Carbon Action project coordinated by BSAG.

The commitment consists of four parts.



Berner commits to training the personnel of its Farmer’s Berner business unit in cultivation methods that promote soil health and carbon sequestration. The priority is to ensure that the staff can use this information as they provide services and recommend suitable products for Berner’s customers. Berner is also exploring opportunities to provide more in-depth training for its staff. The first phase of the training will be implemented by 2021. Further training might also take place during the commitment period.


Throughout the commitment, Berner agrees to extensively include information on soil health and carbon sequestration cultivation methods in its internal and external communications within the Farmer’s Berner business unit. Farmer events, webinars and other occasions will be organised to distribute information among farmers. Where possible, Berner will use its Digital Learning Platform (BOA) for its communication so that information is easily accessible to internal and external stakeholders.


Berner agrees to develop their Farmer’s Berner product portfolio during the commitment period by supporting cultivation methods that promote soil health and carbon sequestration.

Berner will become a member of the company network in the Carbon Action project platform. The platform enables the cooperation between various actors in the food supply chain and the development of Berner’s own carbon farming activities. In addition, Berner commits to promoting the activities of the Carbon Action platform in its communications.

The implementation of the commitment is monitored through annual meetings and reporting.

As an expert and strong player in the Finnish agricultural trade, we can increase awareness and knowledge in carbon farming.

Kalle Erkkola, Business Director, Berner


Tanya Santalahti

Senior Specialist, Corporate Relations; Regenerative Agriculture

+358 50 550 3240