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Hankkija commits to applying the principles of regenerative farming

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Hankkija Oy, one of Finland’s largest agricultural actors, is committed to promoting the principles of regenerative farming and joins the Carbon Action Corporate Platform.




Commitment made in 2022


2022 – 2026

Hankkija Oy is one of the leading agricultural operators in Finland with over a century-long history in the development of cultivation and animal husbandry practices, services, and products, including machinery, horses, pets and garden appliances. The solutions provided are based on the scientific studies of Hankkija’s specialists and senior scientists, combined with the most recent information and modern technology. The company strategy is based on the UN sustainable development goals, and Baltic Sea protection has always been a part of the company’s work and mindset.

Hankkija Oy makes a commitment to the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) for the years 2022-2026. The commitment is to work towards efficient solutions to measure soil health status, improve soil health based on scientific findings, promote principles of regenerative agriculture, reduce negative environmental impacts, and produce and provide publicly available services and products that will support these aims and initiatives.



Hankkija will add material on regenerative agriculture produced by the Carbon Action initiative to its ongoing annual training seminars for internal and external audiences. The goal is to:

  • provide Hankkija’s personnel sufficient knowledge and experience on regenerative farming principles and practice to offer customers information and apply their regenerative farming expertise to product and service development.
  • actively offer information on environmentally friendly solutions to the agricultural sector and improve the sector’s awareness of regenerative agriculture principles.
  • develop the grain and raw material procurement criteria to serve better the commodities produced according to the regenerative agriculture principles and the Carbon Action platform.  


Hankkija SmartFarming -concept consists of practices supporting regenerative farming. The priority of the concept is to bring new digital solutions to publicly extensive use to measure and improve nutrient utilisation (decrease nutrient runoff), soil health, carbon sequestration – and yield. It will improve the processing of the collected data enabling more precise farming and routing of the farm machinery and equipment. In further developing the concept, Hankkija will consider the principles of regenerative agriculture. The goal is to:

  • enable new technology for the farms to measure the soil health and wellbeing. This will increase understanding of regenerative agriculture’s benefits and the practices needed to improve the soil status.
  • use modern technology in the precision of timing and placing of nutrients to maximise the utilisation of inputs.  
  • increase the diversity of species and varieties suitable for cultivation in the Nordic conditions through Hankkija’s breeding programs and with the help of cooperative partners, and to (or therefore) increase the share of domestically available raw materials.
  • increase the holistic and systematic approach in primary production through the optimised feed formulation for farm animals based on enhanced data collection methods and laboratory services, thus directly influencing the environmental footprint of animal-based food production chains.
  • increase animal health and lifespan through optimised feed and further development of modern feed solutions that simultaneously meet the animal’s full production potential. A healthy and thus productive and long-living animal will minimise the environmental footprint of the animal-based food production chain.


Hankkija commits to actively communicating regenerative agriculture and its principles to its personnel, cooperative partners, and clients. Hankkija will – at its own cost – market regenerative agriculture in, e.g., farmer events, Hankkija’s publications, other marketing materials, webinars, and further events organised by Hankkija. In the case of pilot farm initiatives for regenerative agriculture, Hankkija commits to take on part of the cost generated from data collection. Hankkija commits to supporting regenerative agriculture and actively studies the effects in practice.

The Carbon Action cooperation helps us spread our expertise more efficiently for wider use, so that we can reach our shared goals.


Lumi Parviainen, Sustainability Coordinator, Hankkija

With this commitment, Hankkija will join as an active member of the Carbon Action Platform, enabling efficient cooperation between the different stakeholders in the field of Food production and developing its operative measures for regenerative agriculture. In addition, Hankkija commits to bringing forth the activity of the Carbon Action Platform in public relations and marketing material.

The commitment length is five (5) years, and the progress is evaluated annually with BSAG.


Tanya Santalahti

Senior Specialist, Corporate Relations; Regenerative Agriculture

+358 50 550 3240