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Many benefits through regenerative farming – update on Carbon Action work

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The goal of the Carbon Action platform is a systemic change towards regenerative agriculture. In the Carbon Action platform farmers, advisors, researchers, companies, and decision-makers work together. We compiled an up-to-date summary on Carbon Action work.

Puimuri viljapellolla.

In 2022, there were 28 ongoing projects on the Carbon Action platform, totalling EUR 35.1 million. Most of the projects are research projects focusing for example on soil carbon and on the effects of regenerative farming. Also involved are projects focusing on farmer collaboration.

The up-to-date summary of the Carbon Action platform presents actions taken in the field, research, companies and decision-making. It also includes recommendations for decision-makers.

Many benefits through regenerative and carbon farming

It can be concluded that there are many benefits that can be achieved through regenerative farming and carbon farming practices. The practices should always be adopted in consideration of the local conditions at the regional, farm, and field scales. It is important to notice that the potential problems of the field must be fixed first. For example, in many Finnish fields, compaction or poor drainage limits both food production and carbon sequestration. The key is to find suitable steering instruments that have a positive impact on all key objectives: food production, increasing carbon storage, and improving the state of the environment and biodiversity, without forgetting economic and social sustainability.


Pieta Jarva

Strategy Director

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