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Leading the Way in Discharging Cargo Ship’s Wastewater into ports

Baltic Sea Commitment, Corporate Donation, Ship Waste Action 

As the first shipping company, GEFO sets public targets in line with BSAG’s Ship Waste Action initiative.

Wastewater of 148 vessels out of water bodies

GEFO, based in Germany and operating in North-West Europe, transports cargo on 148 vessels by sea and inland waterways. GEFO aims to discharge 100 % of the wastewater from its maritime transport to reception facilities in Baltic Sea ports. 

To achieve the goal, GEFO teams up with port terminals and instructs and encourages onboard crew to discharge sewage and grey waters at ports. The company informs its onboard crew management about the No Special Fee system, which guides ports not to charge any extra for black waters in the Baltic Sea region. In addition to wastewaters, GEFO minimises and sorts also other waste types and monitors the amounts. 

GEFO is a significant partner for the chemical, gas, and oil industry in North-West-Europe. The shipping company recognises the intertwined challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. By joining the Ship Waste Action initiative, GEFO includes instructions for port sewage discharge in its company guidelines, policies, and codes of conduct.

The cooperation started in 2023 and includes a significant donation to BSAG’s Baltic Sea work.

Joining BSAG’s Ship Waste Action initiative was a logical continuation of our sustainability journey. The marine environment deserves to be protected actively. Both BSAG and GEFO are committed to protect the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. GEFO Shipping Group goes green and proves this in her wake.

Peter Van Herck, Group HSSEQ Manager, GEFO


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