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Nokian Tyres Discharges Their Cargo Ship Wastewater When in Port

Baltic Sea Commitment, Corporate Donation, Ship Waste Action 

Black and gray wastewater from cargo ships can be legally discharged into the Baltic Sea. Nokian Tyres addresses the wastewater issue in collaboration with its partners.

Wastewater to ports and for beneficial use

Nokian Tyres has committed, in line with BSAG’s Ship Waste Action partnership, to discharge its cargo ship wastewaters when in port, to be utilised in the circular economy. By setting an example and publishing their Baltic Sea Commitment, the company raises awareness of the critical role of shippers. 

Many shippers may not even know that their cargo wastewaters are likely to end up in the Baltic Sea, ponders Teppo Huovila, VP Quality and Sustainability at Nokian Tyres. 

Nokian Tyres wants to play their part in changing practices. Discharging cargo wastewater into port reception facilities reduces the environmental burden of company’s supply chain and supports wider sustainability work. 

Concrete actions were the key reason for Nokian Tyres to partner with BSAG. 

Collaboration with freight forwarding agents and shipping companies

Nokian Tyres imports raw materials to Finland by sea and exports tyres for passenger cars, vans, heavy vehicles, and machinery, by sea. The company works closely with several partners to organize sea transport. 

Company requires ship-generated wastewater from cargo under direct shipping contracts to be discharged at reception facilities in Finnish ports. It also directs freight forwarding agents to ensure that ship-generated wastewater from cargo passing through them is handled according to the same principle.

Ship Waste Action will be one of the criteria for selecting our future carriers.

Teppo Huovila, VP Quality and Sustainability, Nokian Tyres


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