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Nokian Tyres Reduces the Environmental Burden of Its Sea Transport

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Nokian Tyres contributes to the protection of the Baltic Sea as part of its broader responsibility work. The company is reducing the environmental burden of its supply chain by diverting wastewater from sea transport to port.


Nokian Tyres


Commitment made in 2023


2023 – 2026

Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures premium tyres for people who value safety and responsibility. The company’s main sustainability objectives focus on developing safer and increasingly environmentally friendly products, reducing carbon dioxide emissions in line with the Science Based Targets program, creating an even safer working environment, monitoring the responsibility of suppliers, and improving employee well-being.

Nokian Tyres gives the Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) a Commitment for the period 2023-2026. With this Baltic Sea Commitment, Nokian Tyres will promote the environmentally friendly discharge of ship-generated waste water from its marine transport operations in the Baltic Sea and raise awareness of the circular economy of ship-generated waste both in the Baltic Sea and beyond.

The commitment focuses on cooperation within BSAG’s Ship Waste Action initiative.



To contribute to Ship Waste Action by promoting the discharge of ship-generated wastewater from Nokia Tyres’ sea transport to port reception facilities in Finnish ports and the extension of the approach to other ports in the Baltic Sea. During the commitment period, Nokian Tyres:

a) Requires that ship-generated wastewaters from cargo under direct shipping contracts is discharged to reception facilities in Finnish ports.
b) Directs freight forwarding agents to follow the same principle when handling company’s cargo.


To support the Ship Waste Action initiative and actively promote circular economy opportunities in Nokian Tyres’ own activities. During the commitment period, Nokian Tyres:

a) Raises awareness in its own operations, as well as that of shipowners and freight forwarding agents, of the wastewater reception facilities in other ports in the Baltic Sea.
b) Monitors the number and development of its contract partners committed to the initiative.
c) Communicates about the initiative in cooperation with BSAG.


Promote the circular economy of ship-generated waste outside the Ship Waste Action initiative. During the commitment period Nokian Tyres:

a) For its part, raises awareness among its own contractors of the circular economy of ship-generated waste also in its sea transport outside the Baltic Sea. Nokian Tyres transports cargo on all major maritime transport routes worldwide.

With this commitment, Nokian Tyres joins the Ship Waste Action business network, which enables operators to work together and develop their own activities to promote the circular economy. In addition, Nokian Tyres commits to promote Ship Waste Action in its own communications.

The commitment will run for three years, and its progress will be reviewed annually together with BSAG.

The discharge of wastewater from cargo ships into the sea is still legal, and many shippers may not even know that wastewater from their transports is likely to end up in the Baltic Sea. We want to contribute to changing this practice. Discharging wastewater from marine transports to land reduces the environmental burden of our supply chain and contributes to our sustainability work.

Teppo Huovila, VP Quality and Sustainability, Nokian Tyres


Tanya Santalahti

Senior Specialist, Corporate Relations; Regenerative Agriculture

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