Kaj Granholm

Project Manager, Regenerative Agriculture, New Initiatives

Kaj’s main focus at the BSAG is international cooperation and the policy interface especially in the thematic area of sustainable agriculture. The international community around the Baltic Sea has been Kaj’s professional home base for more than fifteen years. Kaj has managed large and small projects and coordinated the work of multidisciplinary teams on the intergovernmental platform at HELCOM as well as in the academic environment. He has also worked as an independent consultant, providing support to projects as well as large international partnership programmes at all stages of the process.

At BSAG, Kaj’s work includes project management, collaboration in international networks, policy monitoring, and advocacy. Kaj’s portfolio also covers new initiatives and his experience in project funding is an asset for BSAG being fully dependent on external funding and operating with a thin administration.

“In order to succeed in our mission for a healthy Baltic Sea, you need to connect different sectors and motives. Sustainable solutions are only found through dialogue and cooperation. I’m really fascinated by my current job, working with top experts, and helping to uncover and advance the technical and policy solutions both on the local and the European scale. The work matches nicely with my background and solution-oriented personality.”

Outside work, Kaj’s family with three school-aged children keeps him busy with different activities connected mostly to football, ice-hockey, and horses. Born, raised and now settled in eastern Helsinki between the sea and the forest, sports and the outdoors are the lifeline for Kaj as well, at least until the dormant passion for music is revived.




BSAG, project manager


independent consultant


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, coordinator, Baltic Sea cooperation


HELCOM Secretariat, project expert


temporary assignments in education and maritime traffic


Master of Social Sciences (Political Science), 2002, University of Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts (Political Science), 1999, University of British Columbia