Carbon Action Svenskfinland

Project on carbon storage in agricultural land for Swedish-speakers

Carbon Action is a platform initiated by the BSAG, and its main goal is to research, verify and advance carbon storage in agricultural land. Agricultural carbon sequestration mitigates climate change and improves soil health. Healthy soil retains water and nutrients, and carbon farming is an important part of sustainable food production. The Carbon Action platform brings together scientists, businesses and farmers. Carbon Action Svenskfinland is a subproject for Swedish-speakers, providing information on agricultural carbon storage in Swedish.

Carbon Action has offered trainings, webinars and materials in Finnish, and through Carbon Action Svenskfinland these can now also be provided in Swedish. The project will collaborate with Swedish-speaking agricultural advisors to spread the knowledge faster and wider.

Carbon Action Svenskfinland is funded by SLC, Jordfonden and Svenska Kulturfonden, and the duration of the project is 2,5 years. In addition to seminars, materials and field days the project will organize small group activities in Finland’s Swedish-speaking regions. Trainings will be provided by the field’s top experts, some of which will be invited from Sweden. Activities are targeted at all Finnish Swedish farmers, free of charge.